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We are a technology-based company focusing on the field of mobile technology. We have studied and cultivated the knowledge of mobile technology and of the updated and most popular systems, without focusing our work and development on one single sector. This allows us to provide the user with a wide range of solutions.

Our engineers have acquired a large amount of experience in the development and implementation of projects both in the public and in the private sector. They are professionals of different kinds of informatics disciplines, becoming one of Delovnia’s main valued assets.

Using agile and effective software development methodologies and having at our disposal professional informatics engineers are the main reasons why we get to achieve the required quality-time-price balance in our projects to satisfy our customers.

The wide amount of services we dispose of will help you improve your company’s performance and achieve business success. We bet on the public domain software and innovation.

We work with leading technologies in order to provide our customers with high-quality solutions.

What we do

In Delovnia we offer solutions for any kind of devices which incorporate Android or iOS as operating systems.

The technical and specialized team we rely on allows us to develop and take on projects targeted to any sector.

We develop solutions in newest server technologies either frontend or backend.

We are experienced in remote systems that allow the remote management of applications, stock management systems and commercial platforms, amongst others.

We establish technological and business infrastructures from scratch or we adapt another existing one so as to make it more flexible and mobile. This will allow employers to act more swiftly and effectively.

We expand and improve our customers’ list of services in an innovative and attractive fashion.

Efficacy, quality and commitment are our philosophy of work.

How we work

Organization in customised development is crucial in achieving all the objectives. A solid methodology which assures the control of the development is required in order to prevent and reduce possible deviations from the project.

Our working approaches are based on agile methodologies throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. These methods allow us to fulfil all our customer’s expectations and, at the same time, to maintain our high standards and deliver a high quality product.

We offer a personal, friendly and professional approach to our clients. Good communication and coordination with the client are crucial to achieve a successful project.

We analyse our customers’ needs by understanding their aim and we design the best solution to their necessities by putting at their disposal all our knowledge and professional skills.