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Optimize through innovation

In a 2013 ranking of the most innovative companies, the first three positions are taken up by three different companies: the first one is a very known athletic footwear , the second an online sales company and the third place is occupied by a mobile applications company.

We expected a list mostly dominated by technology companies but this classification shows a different situation. Innovation has become the best ally of any company, whatever be their profile. As well as a consumer decides to buy the best smartphone choosing between the best functionality or design, the same way companies decide to incorporate new technologies to adapt to a different market.It is not an option, but rather a need to be able to withstand in an increasingly competitive market. Some of the most important reasons that stand behind this strategy are: the only thing the new generation of employees need to be more productive is the latest software tools, the customers who are integrating technology as an essential element in their purchasing decisions and the competitors who have already integrated the best in technology to get more recognition. Finally, the company will have to make a very important decision: innovate or disappear.

Innovation is equivalent to optimization, in other words a better management of the processes in order to increase productivity, employee performance, save time and resources, etc. For example, an industrial company in process of international expansion decides to use new machines that will allow a better control of the products and will speed up the production. It can also be the case of a service company that has a sales network and wants to solve the slow sales process. Therefore decides to introduce a mobility platform that enables to accelerate the workflow so the result will be considerable.

Innovation may vary, from automation of production processes to introduction of software tools in order to support business management. At the center of all these strategies stands mobility that allows access to information anytime and anywhere. What previously was a long term achievement now it can be done with just touching the screen and, this way, is accelerating a process that otherwise would be much more slower. After all, time is money.

To understand this concept better we can imagine a transport agency that works with obsolete tools and has unmotivated employees. The situation would be the following: a group of people unsatisfied with their working conditions, with a low level of productivity, outdated technology that hampers the internal processes, loss of clients as the service offered is not adapted to the new needs. We can also add: deterioration of brand image and a chief reluctant to change. The same company decides to renew on a technological level and introduces a mobility platform and new software tools. The image changes completely: the service is adapted to new demands and this way the company gets more recognition among the competition, the clients increase, the work is more efficient and productive, the employees are more satisfied with their new conditions, therefore they manage to gain more profit and the image of the company recovers.

Integrate innovation in a company is a process that can lead to surprising results and even if it is not entirely easy to apply , it represents one of the best resources for a company to be positioned on a privileged place.


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