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Delovnia has a specialized technological team which allows the company cover all the wide range of solutions in the field of mobility with customised projects so as to satisfy our client’s needs.


Customized apps development to get the best of mobile devices.

Web platforms

Customized mobile platforms development that integrate apps, front-end and back-end.


Advice, analysis and design of mobile solutions adapted to companies.

Internet of Things (IoT)

They are applications which comunicate with other devices by WiFi, bluetooth and bluetooth low energy - BLE (like iBeacons...), NFC.... and their main functionality is monitoring and controlling these devices.

In this category there are apps like:

Control panel apps (HMI, Human Machine Interface)
Automation panels
Embedded Touch Screens (on appliances, cars...)

Use Cases
  • Smart city

    Apps to improve the public services and the infrastucture of the cities through the potencial of IT.

  • Indoor location

    Turnkey solutions for indoor location without facilities.

  • Home automation

    Apps for houses automation and workplaces like offices or industries.

  • M-health

    The goal of these apps is to improve health systems providing data to experts.

Processes optimization

With the development of customised Apps and mobile platforms adapted to the workflows of the companies, it is possible to improve productivity and reduce the response time.

The main benefits of enterprise mobile solutions are:

Costs reduction
Improved productivity
Improved collaboration
Improved labour conciliation

Use Cases
  • Sales Force

    Platforms to streamline the sales processes and to increase sales with Big Data analysis modules.

  • Check-list

    Platforms of verification and management of real time tasks to optimise chained processes.

  • Data Collection

    Apps for streamlining the processes of data collection and surveys, forms ...

  • Stock Management

    Platforms for stocks management through mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing

With the development of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, a new channel of communication which allows companies to entail a closer relationship with their target public has been born.

Depending on the objectives we can classify our applications in:

Market Apps

They are applications to be published in the App Markets (Google Play, AppStore) and used to promote the brand with the aim of acquiring the highest amount of users.

Events-oriented apps

In major events drawing the attention of the public is crucial. Having at one’s disposal a personal application the public can interact with or which offers relevant information regarding the event or the product to be promoted, can help the brand to get promoted.

Use Cases
  • Smart Shop

    Apps that provide a new user experience and achieve to merge online and offline shopping.

  • Smart Tour

    Guides and tourist routes for museums that inform users without performing any action.

  • City Games

    Interactive games where the smartphone is who sets the steps.

  • Events

    Apps to attract target audience on exposure fairs and congresses.